Mini H Quad – Build log 2

Ok a bit more progress made on the mini H.

I returned home from holiday to a small box containing motors, esc’s and props.

I’ve rebuilt the frame using some nylon spacers so that there is room between the bottom 2 plates for a micro power distribution board.

The esc will be attached to the arms with heat shrink and the motor leads will be soldered directly to the esc pads to reduce the amount of wire.

At the moment I’m using my witespy quads Multi Pro 2 flight controller and it’s been secured in place with some foam pads but in the future I intend to use one of their Flip32+ FC’s

The good thing about this FC is that it has plenty of connections available and as you can see in the pic I have my Bluetooth module installed so that I can configure MultiWii from my android phone, I’ve temporarily powered the FC using one of my esc hooked up to a flight battery and it all connected ok.

2014-08-02 21.30.13