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Our Services

First Aid

All cylinder inspection and tests are carried out to BS EN ISO 18119+A1:2021 / BS EN ISO 22434:2022

A periodic inspection (PI = visual) is required every 2.5 years

The inspection involves the outside and the inside of the cylinder being inspected to ensure it is still in serviceable condition, the valve is removed and the inside is inspected for rust and damage and the cylinder neck threads are checked.

The valve will be serviced as well

All cylinders passing test will have a sticker applied to them with "Next Test Date" and precautionary labels.

PI is £30 per cylinder


A periodic inspection and test (PIAT = full test) i.e. Hydrostatic (hydro) is required every 5 years and includes a visual inspection and servicing of the cylinder valve as well as a hydrostatic test to ensure the cylinder is safe for use.

All cylinders passing test will be stamped and have a sticker applied to them with "Next Test Date" and precautionary labels.

PIAT is £40 per cylinder

O2 Cleaning

Any cylinder that will be used with greater than 21% O2 needs to be cleaned for Oxygen use this process removes any hydrocarbon contaminants from the cylinder and valve

O2 cleaning is £25 per cylinder


Annual servicing of scuba equipment is required to ensure it functions correctly.

During a service the current configuration is recorded as well as the intermediate pressure of the first stage and the cracking effort of the second stage and octo

After this everything is dismantled and ultrasonically cleaned before reassembly to the manufacturers specification and testing to ensure functionality

Full service of a first stage, second stage and octo is £100

O2 cleaning at same time as service is £10

BCD Service - £25 + parts

First Aid Training

1 day first aid course teaching you essential and practical hands on skills for what to do when the time comes

This course will empower you with the knowledge and skills to be able to make a difference if your friends, family, co-workers or the general public need assistance.

The course takes approximately 4 hours and costs - £50 per person contact us now to book your course