Deploy App-V 4.6 SP1 Desktop Client

Ok so I’m slightly late to the party regarding getting startd with App-V and with version 5 around the corner this post might become a mute point.

For some reason Microsoft in their infinite wisdom made this piece of software a pig to install, msi’s to extract from exe installers, specific appguid parameters to assign depending on the version you are using.

I¬†thought that surely someone will have written a nice vbscript or something to deploy all the pre-requisites etc… but it appears not therefore I wrote a nasty vbscript to acheive this.

My script checks the installed product code for the specific ones required to deploy the desktop client and if it doesn’t find them it installs the relevant piece of software and then writes an event log entry before moving on to the next item.

It basically loops through all the installed software product codes looking for a match and that’s one portion that could be improved upon. There is an api to check for a piece of software being installed but I couldn’t find any working code examples.

No error trapping is done so if something goes wrong during an install once control passes back to the vbscript it will execute the next block.

This is currently for the x86 version of the client allthough would be easy enough to edit for the x64 as well.

It works for me but use at your own risk.