Temporary ICT Training Pods

I’ve been looking heavily into Windows Multipoint Server recently and today used it in a new configuration.

I needed to supply a couple of computers temporarily for the day to facilitiate some training so I used my test MPS 2011 machine which is an old 64Bit Amd powered HP desktop and an Axel M80 WMS thin client.

One desktop was provided by a direct connection to the MPS itself and the other was via the M80 connected to the MPS using a small 8 port hub the beauty of the M80 RDP clients is that they could be anywhere I was just using it locally as it was what was available.

This gave me the ability to rapidly setup a couple of temporary machines.

In the future this idea could be used coupled with some of the USB access devices which are available in order to rapidly deploy a pod of 4 – 6 computers.