Multipointserver 2011 RC and quad graphics

I’ve been trying to formulate the spec for a multipoint server solution using 2 quad head graphics cards per host.

The graphics cards I’ve selected are the ATI FirePro 2460 these have 4 x mini displayport connectors.

The issue with this is that all of my monitors are vga or vga/dvi so I need cables and converters.

I’ll get on to those in a future post once I’ve received the first delivery of all the various cables and adaptors and can confirm if they work or not.

My primary concern now is to test one of the 2460 cards under mps2011 to see if it works as expected.

I received a card this morning and have installed it into my mps test rig which is an HP dc5750 small form factor pc. Luckily the card comes with both a full size bracket and a low profile one.

I’ve installed the evaluation of mps 2011 from scratch this morning.

I currently have 1 monitor connected via one of the supplied mini dp to dvi adaptors.

After the install of mps 2011 the first thing that had done be done was to install a graphics driver, I used the supplied cd and picked the 64bit install from the disc and then installed it but didn’t select the option to install the catalyst control centre.

So far so good.

I just need my cables and adaptors to validate this as 4 user host setup before I move on to building my 8 user host.