McDonalds Customer Service Fail

I visited the McDonalds drive thru at Hardwick Kings Lynn saturday evening about 9.30.

At the order box I asked for a vanilla milkshake for my wife and was about to order a strawberry one for myself when I was told that they only had bannana and chocolate available. So I ordered 2 bannana and asked for a discount as they didn’t have what I actually wanted, the order box told me I’d have to ask the manager at the next window.

So I drove to the payment window as was told it would be “£2.78” I asked about the discount and someone else went and asked the manager returning to tell me that the manager had said no to the discount request.

I then asked how to complain about this poor customer service to which the smirking McDonalds employee replied “I don’t know”, I then asked him to find out for me to which his response was “Well it’s not my problem”. Talk about red rag to a bull I then strongly informed him that as he worked for McDonalds it was his problem so find out for me.

At this point the manager was then called and asked me what the problem was and I explained as above and said that one of his members of staff standing behind the counter, smirking and telling me it wasn’t his problem was abysmal customer services.

The manager asked me to go to the next window and they would sort out the 2 milkshakes as I hadn’t yet paid I took this to be a gesture of goodwill on his part by letting them have the shakes complimentary but no I get to the next window to be told “Oh I thought you had paid allready”, so I replied “Let’s forget it” and I drove off.