Living with the Nokia 5800

My latest phone upgrade is the fantastic Nokia 5800 XpressMusic.

The touch screen is actually very good and being a resistive one means that as well as using your finger on it you can also use a stylus.

Allthough the Iphone capacitive screen might be more responsive you can’t use a normal stylus and so fine control is difficult.

The tv out on the 5800 works well allthough video playing will obviously drain the battery quicker than anything else. Playing back music or using the radio has less impact on battery life.

Connecting to the internet using gprs is easy enough and the built in wifi is there as well.

You can place up to four of your contacts on the front screen for easy access and you can also associate rss web feeds to them such as their facebook or twitter updates which is a nifty little feature.

I’ve been using the nokia internet tablet video converter to convert videos from various formats including xvid and flash to playback on this device, the flash one may not have needed converting but I did it anyway.

4 main gripes I have with it so far.

  1. It doesn’t unclude usb charging.
  2. It uses a micro usb connector instead of a mini one and I know manafacturers are going over to this standard for their charging but not yet.
  3. It uses the small nokia charging connector so even though I have nokia charges from years ago I had to buy a new one so that I had one at home and one at work.
  4. Some rss feeds won’t work with it, allthough I’m not yet sure why.

Otherwise I’m finding it’s a great little phone for mobile internet and video playing.