Mini H Quad – New FC

So my H Quad just got a new flight controller, a CC3D board from banggood

2014-10-15 23.02.41

I de-soldered the headers on the rx and the CC3D board and changed them for the right angles ones you can see.

De-soldering these was a complete pain but the method I came upon was this:

You’ll need a decent pair of mini side cutters such as these

You’ll also need to fix the pcb down so it doesn’t move about.

Step 1: Cut the pins in half to reduce the thermal mass.

Step 2: Try and work your cutters between the black plastic portion to separate the pins in to individual parts, this will make it easier later.

Step 3: Cut the solder pads as close to the pcb as you can.

Step 4: Apply some flux to the bottom connections and use solder wick to remove as much solder as possible.

Step 5: Now take a sewing pin or a single header pin held between the jaws of some pliers and using your soldering iron heat the pin in the pliers and the pad in order to push the pin you’re trying to remove out.

Next time I do this procedure I’ll try and take some pictures to illustrate better.

Then is was a case of running the openpilot s/w and configuring the airframe and a quick flight to verify it.