Latest Multipoint Server 2011 build


Continuing with my project to use direct attached graphics in my multipoint builds to replace multiple boxes in ict suites here you can see my latest.

I’ve had to change the motherboard to a Maximus III Gene due to the unavailability of my previous one.

They still have the same i7-870 2.93GHz cpu, 16gb ram and dual firepro 2460 quad mini dp graphics cards.

The other change I’ve made is to use the antec gamer 300 case with a 440w truepower psu instead of the antec atlas.

The new case is about the same size but around half the cost however due to it’s bottom mount psu layout brought its own problems as the 12v lead from the psu to the motherboars wasn’t long enough and I had to order some extensions.

The connection from each mini display port socket on the graphics card goes like this:

mini displayport to displayport adaptor – displayport 2m or 5m cable – Sapphire single link dp to dvi active converter, sometimes the dp cable can be left out and the Sapphire converter plugged straight into the mini displayport to displayport adaptor.

Each client station also has a D-Link 7 Port powered usb hub connected back to the multipoint server host.

All of the cabling is secured in 75m x 50mm white pvc trunking with holes cut where needed to keep it all neat and tidy.