Edexcel online testing promissor install

This piece of software has been bugging me for weeks now.

I was unable to install it by capturing an msi and they don’t supply an msi.

I’ve come up with a scripted install that allows it to be installed by any user admin or not.

You need supercrypt to encrypt the commands to run it.

You also need xcacls.vbs to set file permissions.

Install xcacls.vbs into the network share folder you are going to use to deploy these files from.

First of all run the admsetup.exe program from your esm_test_centre share or wherever you have it installed.

Now explore your way to:

C:Documents and Settingsyour usernameLocal SettingsTemp and look for the most recently created folder.

In this folder you will find the extracted setup files, copy these somewhere safe.

Now cancel the installation.

To record the answers need you need to run the setup.exe from the folder you stored the extracted files in with the /r switch.

Do this and run through the setup, you will find a setup.iss in c:windows copy this to the folder you stored the extracted files in.

Install supercrypt to your network share as well and run supercrypter.

Fill in your username, domain and password fields.

In the command field put:


In the Executable field put:


Save the file as promissor.lsc

Run supercrypter again and this time:

In the command field put:

c:windowssystem32cscript.exe \NETWORK-SHARE-WHERE-FILES-ARExcacls.vbs /Q /T /E /G everyone:F

In the executable field put:


download the vbscript below and edit the file location.

VBScript Installer for Promissor client

You should now be able to run install.vbs as any user and it will install the promissor client.