Emptying the Brother HL-4040CN Waste Toner Box

Due to the design of these printers i.e the drum unit and toner boxes are seperate this also means it has to store the waste toner generated seperately, toner cartridges which are an all in one unit store their waste toner within the body of the cartridge.

Your printer may or may not tell you that it’s waste toner needs emptying mine didn’t but the symptoms of it needing to be done is that you will get multicoloured streaks of toner fused to the backside of your prints.

I would recommend you only follow these steps if you have a toner vacuum as a normal vacuum doesn’t have a filter fine enough and the toner particles which just fly out of the exhaust.

Open the front cover of the unit.

Pull out and remove the toner and drum tray.

Now lift up and remove the transfer belt.

Under the transfer belt is the waste toner box lift this up and remove it as well.

At the back of the unit you will see a small box held in place with 2 phillips screws, remove the screws and place this bit to one side we’ll come back to it in a moment.

Hold the main box inside a cardboard box and then start tapping it with something like the handle of a screwdriver, the toner inside is quite compacted so you need to loosen it up.

As the toner falls I use a toner vac to help keep it under control.

Once you have knocked a good quantity of toner out we return our attention to the smaller box removed previously.

Turn the small box over and you will notice it has a clear bottom, this part sits within an optical sensor within the printer and is how it knows when the waste toner box is full.

The clear portion needs to be cleaned so remove the 2 screws holding it on watching out for the foam seal and give it a good clean.

Reassemble the unit and install it back in the printer.