Dual Monitors

I now that people using 2 or more monitors has been around for ages but I’ve just woken up to how useful this good be to me at work.

So I went ahead and purchased 2 x Acer 1916 19″ TFT’s with Analogue and Digital inputs.

To run these I needed a dual head gfx card and as my machine only has PCI or PCI Express I plumped for a Matrox Millenium G550 PCIe card.

The monitors were delivered quick enough from my supplier, Probrand, after picking the correct version of the 1916 monitor as some other ones that were listed weren’t available.

The gfx card however was another story and took a lot of chasing up by them and I to finally get it into my sweaty palms.

So finally having received the card I whacked it into my NEC desktop however this wasn’t as easy as it could be the locking mechanism for expansion cards is so poor I didn’t think it offered enuogh support for a dual head gfx card.

I managed to butcher some screws into the supplied holes to keep things nice and tight.

Turned the machine back on monitor display during the boot up sequence but then as windows took control I was faced with the dreaded BSOD.

Damn, must be the driver I thought so rebooted into safe mode and installed the driver from the supplied cd.

Reboot same effect BSOD, downloaded the xp certified  driver from Matrox and try installing that in safe mode.

Reboot another BSOD so I thought sod it I need to reinstall anyway so a quick ntbackup to my NAS of my documents and other important settings and then started the reinstallation process.

With that finally done and the machines onboard gfx disabled and the only other gfx adapter being my G550 it all went well.

Installed the certified driver and hooked up both monitors via their digital connections, remember to do this with the machine off and then power on, then got stuck I couldn’t get a display on the second monitor that is until I checked the option to extend my windows desktop.

That’s all there is to it basically.

I can see that 3 monitors would be good as well.