Bett 2011 what I saw

Just a few musings about what I’ve seen at BETT this year.

WordQ + SpeakQ – is a piece of software that speech recognition and word suggestion to any application, it was designed to help in the rehabilitation of children with brain injuries but is useful for a wide range of uses. This product was demoed to me at BETT 2011 by a gentleman who uses it for his contracting business. He has dyslexia and ADHD and showed how it supports him. The software predicts words as you type them or you can use the speech recognition to dictate to it and it can read back to you what has been written so that you can double check that you’ve written what you meant to.

The benefit this piece of software has over some others which are say a fully functioning word processor with built in word suggestion and speech recognition is that it will work with any application, web browsers, accounts packages and it will also read anything on the screen so good for reading long pdf documents.

Microsoft multipoint server 2011 – allows you to turn one reasonably specced workstation into multiple clients in a variety of ways, you can use multi head graphics cards, usb graphics or even rdp thin clients, this will hopefully allow some schools to invest in new technology rather than being stuck with old pc’s that barely work.

Skoog – is a fantastic funky usb input device coupled with some clever software to simulate a variety of insturments, the skoog itself is sensitive to the volocity of inputs and will therefore play the music accordingly. A fantastic fun tool for all ages.

Salto i-Locker – my school uses the SALTO svn access control system on our doors which includes online maglock doors as well as several of the battery handle doors, I was aware that SALTO did a battery lock which could be fitted to lockers and other cupboards but it was expensive £250 each but they now have a new version which is smaller and a lot cheaper £100 whilst still offering the same functionality. I have ordered one for an AV cabinet we have and will review it once I have it.