Menu Hacking

We use the fantastice My Little Helpdesk for our IT support desk.

It was recently mentioned on the support forum that for admin and technicians it would be handy to have a link to the assigned to me but which shows the requests you are dealing with.

This is how to add that menu item but please make sure you make a backup before you start fiddling and don’t expect support from the MLH if this hack messes up your install.

Also don’t forget that any upgrades with overwrite these changes unless they are accepted into the build tree.

Open the file buildpage.asp from the incs folder.

Change line 34 to:

strMenuHTML = strMenuHTML & “<a href=” & strWebURL & “/support_summary.asp>Track Requests <img border=0 src=” & strWebURL & “/img/track_request.png width=16 height=16 align=absmiddle /></a><br />” & vbCrLf

All you have done is to remove a <br /> from then end to prevent a new line being added where we don’t want it.

Now above line 36 which is:

strMenuHTML = strMenuHTML & “<div class=menuhead>Control Panel</div>” & vbCrLf

You need to add:

‘added by B Norcutt
If Session(“isadmin”) = 1 AND Session(“istechnician”) = 1 Then
‘strMenuHTML = strMenuHTML & “<div class=menuhead>Custom Links</div>” & vbCrLf
strMenuHTML = strMenuHTML &  “<a href=” & strWebURL & “/support_summary.asp?ftr=5>Assigned To Me <img border=0 src=” & strWebURL & “/img/tasks.png width=16 height=16 align=absmiddle /></a><br />” & vbCrLf
end if

‘end addition

Save the page and refresh your helpdesk.

You should now find Assigned To Me under the Track Requests link.