Mini H Quad – Build log 3

A few bits and pieces done today on the quad but I’m running out of bits I can do until my micro power distribution board and other bits and pieces including some liquid electrical tape.

I’ve removed the motor connection wires from 2 of the ESC’s and shortened the motor wires and soldered these direct to the ESC pads, I then tested which way this combination of wires made the motors turn by connecting the signal lead up to channel 3, throttle, on my 6 channel flysky receiver.

2014-08-03 18.44.27

Both ESC’s have been wired up the same so that’s the 2 anti colockwise ones done and after I tested them I then removed the gnd and positive leads from the servo connector and de-soldered them from the PCB to save a bit of weight and make the wiring tidier.