Storview x64 Install

Intel have released a patch to enable storview to run on x64 platforms.

However even after installing the patch it didn’t successfully run and all symptoms pointed to there be no web server to service requests.

I took another look at the services list and as well as the storview service there was also one called storview web.

Looking at the parameters for this service it runs the apache web server however it’s path was wrong as it was referencing c:program files (x86) and I had installed it to d:program files (x86)

Had I found the issue, I ran regedit and navigating to hkey local machine, system, current control set, services allowed me to edit the path for the service however it still didn’t start.

Bugger, I then copied the command line it was running to a cmd window to see where it was going wrong and noticed some more references to c:program files in the httpd.conf I edited this file and replaced all occurences and tried again still no joy but this time it was references in ssl.conf.

Once I had edited ssl.conf I tried starting the service again and it started successfullyfired up a web browser to and crossed my fingers, voila we have a login box for storview.

I hope this helps people trying to get it to work until Intel release a fully working x64 release.