Server Room Environmental Monitoring

We all now that it’s a good idea to monitor the internal temperature of our server rooms and racks but I’ve been looking for an affordable network based solution to this problem and I think I’ve found it.

You will need:

1 x 1-Wire to Ethernet OW Server

1 x Temperature sensor at least I use these and these

1 x RJ11 straight through cable to connect the first sensor on each port

1 x PSU for the OW Server I used this POE splitter but had to change one of the ends as it was too small to fit the power socket on the OW Server

With the OW Server hooked up to the mains and your network it will obtain a DHCP address if you don’t have a DHCP server on your network download and configure TFTPD to do this for you.

Once your OW Server has obtained an ip address whack that in your browser and you should be connected to the web interface for the server and have the details of your sensors displayed.

There are 3 1-wire ports on the OW Server and you can daisy chain the sensors. After the first sensor is connected via the rj11 cable you can use normal rj45 latch leads to connect the rest.

The ow server supports snmp as well as it’s web interface so you could monitor it using something like nagios myself I am helping develop OP Smartdesk into a fully featured ICT support system including monitoring of the OW Server with alerting as well.

If you use a POE splitter like I have then the OW Server itself could be located up to 100m of the nearest cab and then from there you have the limits of the 1-wire bus for your sensors.

The admin login for the OW Server by default is username: admin password: eds

I’ve been doing some googling today and have found some possible options for using poe with these 1-wire interfaces, the poe splitter that I bought doesn’t seem to work when connected via a cisco small business poe switch on when used with a poe injector.

The ones I’ve been looking up today should work with a poe switch.

You probably only want to use a poe splitter if you are deploying these devices in remote areas for hvac monitoring for normal use in server room monitoring I guess you are going to have plenty of power sockets available.

I just googled 9v poe splitter.