Windows Multi Point Server 2011

Windows MPS 2011 builds on the 2010 version and is currently available as a beta.

One big enhancement is the control over usb device allocation and the fact that devices are now contained to the station it’s been inserted on rather than available to all as in 2010.

The main problem that I’m having that will stop me deploying MPS into a real life scenario is application compatibility, one such app being game maker from

I’ll post more if I find a solution.

2 cool Joomla extensions

Recently I wanted to add additional functionality to the school website.

I wanted to be able to embed a flash video into an article and I wanted staff to be able upload documents.

The embedding of video was acheived using the AllVideos plugin from Joomlaworks this makes it so simple to embed media into your article, the media you wish to show can be local to your webserver or from a remote one and includes all popular video sharing websites i.e youtube

Secondly I wanted staff to be able to upload and categorize policy documents and such like well naturally there was only one contender for this job and that was DocMan

The installation and set up was a breeze so go check them out.