Konica Minolta 5440DL Language Reset

If you have one of these printers and some little darling has changed the language to one you can read this is what you can do to reset it.

This procedure must be done with the menu showing ready with the bars displaying the amounts of toner left.

If your printer is in an error state you can perfom this procedure if you turn the printer off and on and as it starts up it will be at ready breifly before going to its error state.

  • Select the MENU button
  • Press the right arrow ONCE
  • Press the SELECT button TWICE

The printer is now set to english.

Edugeek lives once again

Well fasthosts finally got the server hosting edugeek fixed and the site admins were able to recreate the site from their backups.

The fasthosts terms and conditions are really poor, basically if anything goes wrong then tough.

Edugeek are currently looking at the offers of alternative hosting that have been put forward.

Edugeek still down

Well I’m glad I don’t have hosting with fasthosts.

This company has had numerous outages in the past and the current failure of the hardware which hosts edugeek.net means that the number 1 educational ict professionals resource is down.

It’s been over 36 hours since the problem happened and they’ve been real slow to respond.

Come on fasthosts pull your fingers out.

New hosts

I’ve just moved my web hosting from web-mania.com to fuzioned.com so some of the content and links within the blog may point to non existing files I will be going through the site soon and trying to sort those out.

One of the main reasons I moved was that I haven’t been entirely happy with the web-mania email provision and the fact that fuzioned gives me cPanel which has a great set of utilities for managing your website was what clinched it.