First Transatlantic Voip Call

I made a voip call to an american toll free number from the UK using my Linksys SPA942 IP Phone this week.

We use a wireless configuration solution from airwave and I needed to call their technical support so I figured there must be a way to call their toll free number for free from the UK using VOIP.

I signed up for a free world dialup number and then configured my SPA942 with the relevant settings, proxy, outbound proxy, user id and password and the phone was registered with FWD.

After this it was simply a matter of dialling *1 followed by the toll free number at a suitable time of the day allowing for the time difference.

The call quality was superb and the guy on the other end didn’t even know I wasn’t in the USA until I told him as it appeared as a 616 USA number on his caller ID.

This voip call allowed me to solve the problem I had been having all at no cost to me.


Edexcel online testing promissor install again

Well while my previous installation idea did work it wasn’t exactly plain sailing.

The user that the software runs under appears to need certain privileges to run.

I ended up making sure it was installed on one whole suite of machines manually.

Then I used a startup script to add my exam testing user to the local administrators group on the whole suite.

The users login as this user and they have the testing client set as their shell.

This appears to be working well and we have done several sessions of testing so far.

I dropped my HP 420 Access Point

If this has happened to you and now the thing appears to not be working correctly then have no fear.

It’s likely that the internal mini pci wireless card has jumped out of it socket.

Prise off the plastic front bezel and then remove the 2 screws from the back.

You can now remove the cover revealing the mini pci card probably slightly out of its socket.

Undo the 2 screw that retain the metal shield and reseat the card before re-attaching the cover.

Reassembly is the reverse.