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HP Quicklaunch Button Driver

Whiles recently adding drivers for the HP NX6325 laptops to MDT 2010 I had trouble with the device ACPIHPQ0006 it turns out that this is the quick launch buttons.

The trouble is that the driver package for download from HP is an msi and not somethign that can be imported as a driver into MDT.

Well fear not I have included the 2 files you need here HP Quick Launch Driver

Hopefully this might help someone else out of this driver hell.

Deploying offline windows updates using MDT 2010

When deploying windows using MDT 2010 there is a windows update script you can include however this doesn’t work if you need to connect via a proxy server.

Not having a WSUS server setup yet I wanted to deploy the windows updates provided by Logistix Computer Solutions

Download the files and extracted them and then run the installer.

Make a new directory in your delpoyment share on your deployment server I called mine OfflineUpdates don’t include any spaces in your directory name or it won’t work as desired.

Copy the extracted files to this folder and edit the path shown at the top of the install.bat you can either use z:OfflineUpdates or you can use the unc to the deployment folder.

Edit out anything you don’t want, I removed the IE8 install.

You also need to remove the pause at the end of the install.bat

In your task sequence all you now need to do is to add a “run command line” option and run z:OfflineUpdatesinstall.bat

Now after deploying your image or installing an OS it will run and install those updates.