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Mini H Quad – She flies

Last few little bits were done this morning and first test flight not so good as she wanted to flip over.

You can probably guess the cause if I tell you it wasn’t props, yes that’s correct I’d connected my motors up wrong well I had basically reversed the connector so 2, 3 & 4 were swapped.

After this issue had been sorted she took to the sky and although she needs some trimming and PID adjustment she fly’s ok.

Final flying weight with a 1500mah battery is 444g

Video coming soon.

2014-08-08 13.50.41

Site update grrr

Well I tried to use the built in upgrader to update my install but that didn’t work so I ran softalicious and tried a fresh install but that failed due to their being an existing installation ok fine I’ll delete the folders and run it again as I’d already exported an xml file of my posts.

That worked however I had obviously already deleted the uploads and media folders so any posts with embedded pictures are now broken and anything I’d uploaded is gone.

Nevermind 🙁

Total OBD rubbish

Total OBD Car Diagnostics from

Total OBD rubbish more like, I purchased this in October as it was priced at $97 due to “Price is temporarily lowered because we’re doing a price marketing test during October 2013. Get TOAD at $100 off while this lasts.”

Well guess what? Yes that’s right it’s currently:

“Price is temporarily lowered because we’re doing a price marketing test during November 2013. Get TOAD at $100 off while this lasts. ”

It’s a bit like a permanent closing down sale at DFS.

I also purchased their USB OBD interface because it uses original firmware and is faster than the Chinese copies well guess what again yes it’s just a Chinese copy drop shipped from I have to say the interface does seem to work but cost 3 times what I could have bought it direct from DX for myself.

I am still waiting for the DVD to be delivered so only time will tell if the software supplied is worth it or if that is a load of tosh as well.


Well the software DVD that was eventually delivered just contained copies of hacked and cracked software and the main piece of software they claim to develop is called ScanMaster ELM which they provide a cracker for.

This piece of software is very good but is developed by

I opened a paypal dispute with Total OBD and got a full refund as they are selling pirated software and drop shipping rubbish hardware, good marketing scam.

Temporary ICT Training Pods

I’ve been looking heavily into Windows Multipoint Server recently and today used it in a new configuration.

I needed to supply a couple of computers temporarily for the day to facilitiate some training so I used my test MPS 2011 machine which is an old 64Bit Amd powered HP desktop and an Axel M80 WMS thin client.

One desktop was provided by a direct connection to the MPS itself and the other was via the M80 connected to the MPS using a small 8 port hub the beauty of the M80 RDP clients is that they could be anywhere I was just using it locally as it was what was available.

This gave me the ability to rapidly setup a couple of temporary machines.

In the future this idea could be used coupled with some of the USB access devices which are available in order to rapidly deploy a pod of 4 – 6 computers.